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Most of them come from the army or police. As an ex-soldier, they realize that the lowest level in society has no chance to escape. So they turn against the high class, and help poor people in the zombie pandemic. They use rifle guns like AKS-2K, M4X-A5, that can shoot continuously. They're good fighters, agile and brave.


They are mercenaries, come from special forces. They were trained with cyborg, their mission is to discover space, conquer new planets and fight aliens. But humans failed when reaching alpha centauri. So some of them are jobless, and become freelance killers. They hide from society, till the pandemic happens.


They come from many countries, backed by the Resistance Weapon Science Association. They use the newest heavy weapon which sponsored by the Resistance force. Actually, they were trained for this day. But their target, at first, is not zombies. Now, before making a revolution, they need to rescue human from zombies pandemic.


Using ranged weapons like longbows, darts, slingshots. Most of them come from the countryside, close to the forest. They are normal humans, most of them are farmers, hunters. They are poor and miserable. At least when living on farm and forest, they could maintain their lives. But now they have to learn to fight!


Sniper come later, 1 year after the zombie’s apparition. They were selected from human side. They are Well trained to use sniper guns that have super high accuracy. Their mission is not only to kill zombie bosses but also to assassinate VIPs of Governments. Hiding in the forest and kill the target 1 mile away - That's their way.

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Road map

  1. diamond
    • Project Initiated
    • Seed + Strategic Round
    • Alpha test
    • IDO
    • Market Place
    • Beta Test
    • Soft Launch PVE
    • NFT Sale
    • Official Launch
    • Dungeon PvP 1v9 (Fight For Land)
    • Skill in game
    • In-game Events
    • Quest
    • Game Optimization